Syncsort — September 2014

Interview with Kate Vitasek: the Vested® business model Kate Vitasek interview with Mark Underwood published 10 September 2014 Here’s the link:

Big Data is a Big Trend

In a recent post I touched upon Big Data as a bona-fide, long-term megatrend in the logistics space. Actually it is megatrend in every industry sector. Michael Lewis popularized the concept of using Big Data to create a competitive advantage in the best-selling book (and subsequent movie) Moneyball. We know how Big Data is used […]

Megatrends in the Future of Logistics

Earlier this year I came across the annual Material Handling & Logistics U.S. Roadmap, which focuses on long-term predictions—out to 2025!—with a focus on the “megatrends” that will transform logistics. The 67-page report compiles what more than 100 industry thought-leaders had to say about the future in this particular sector, and how it will need […]