Forbes — 20 March 2017 — Supply Chains and Adjusting to Trump

Supply Chains And Adjusting To Trump: Think Local And Global Article by Kate Vitasek published 20 March 2017 in Forbes It’s still early in the Trump presidency, but not too early for supply chain professionals to begin planning for what could be major challenges in global markets and trade agreements, especially if President Donald Trump […]

Supply Chain Resource Cooperative — July 2015

A Tale of Two Procurement Books: Cox’s Sourcing Portfolio Analysis (Cox) & Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy (Keith et al.) Robert Handfield’s blog, “Supply Chain View from the Field” (NC State University Supply Chain Resource Cooperative) has the first review of the Vested book, Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy. The post was published […]

World Trade WT100 — August 2012

Outsourcing’s Sourcing Continuum By Bonnie Keith and Kate Vitasek August 30, 2012