FM World — 12 April 2016

Vested outsourcing ‘requires working as a team’  Article by Herpreet Kaur Grewal published in FM World on 12 April 2016 Traditional outsourcing and business relationships focus on the contractual relationship, ”creating win-lose arrangements where one party benefits at the other’s expense.” Link:

Good Relationships are Good Business

What do you want most out of life, or in other words, what will make you happiest? Most people will say wealth, followed closely by fame – but according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, they are mistaken. As the fourth director of the 75-year-old Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies […]

A New Year’s Wish

I heard a good quote about transparency the other day to the effect that many businesses still think “transparency” is something you put on the overhead projector and write on with a grease pencil. Ok, I may be dating myself a bit with that one but the point is transparent, er, clear: “transparency” is an […]

Be the Good Partner

Recently I came across a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, “If you want a good spouse, then be one.” So true! And it is even more appropriate in our business relationships: If you want to have a good, strategic business partner then show the way by being one yourself. This is easy to say, especially when […]

Forbes — January 2015

5 Rules To Transform Your Business Relationships Blog/article by Kate Vitasek published 20 January 2015. Link:

Don’t Talk To, Talk With

I’ve been reading Susan Scott’s Fierce Conversations, which I find is a practical, insightful and life-affirming guide for achieving success in life and work—“one conversation at a time.” I feel a certain kinship with Scott, though I don’t know her personally. For one thing she was raised in Tennessee and now lives in Seattle. She […]

Outsource Magazine — October 2013

Getting to We: Time for a New Negotiating Paradigm Column/blog by Kate Vitasek, Jeanette Nyden and David Frydlinger  If your recent experiences with new or renewal contract negotiations are something akin to visiting the dentist for a root canal, we’d like to introduce you to a much better – and pain-free! – way to go […]