ISM Magazine — February 2019

Strategic Contracts: Clearly Defined and Measurable Desired Outcomes The next in Kate Vitasek’s series on the Five Rules/Ten Elements published by ISM. Vested’s Rule No. 3 for creating a Vested agreement directs the parties to clearly define and measure their desired outcomes. There are two contractual aspects when it comes to how an organization should […]

Reverse Logistics Magazine — January 2019, Edition 98

Five Rules to Strategic Outsourcing Cover story by Kate Vitasek in Reverse Logistics Magazine, Edition 98 All too often companies that outsource experience what University of Tennessee researchers call the Watermelon scorecard: SLAs (service level agreements) are green on the surface, but often neither the buying company nor the service provider are happy with the […]

Inside Supply Management Weekly — 14 January 2019

Focusing on Shared Vision and Statement of Intent The first of a series of articles on the Vested Five Rules and the 10 Elements by Kate Vitasek published 14 January in Inside Supply Management Weekly. Here is the link:, Apr 2011

Whether operating in the cloud or not, one thing software providers and their customers should consider is a shift in the way they deal with each other – a shift to value-based discussions. In the article titled “Five Rules for Software Sales Discussions”, lead researcher Kate Vitasek discusses applying the Five Rules of Vested Outsourcing […]

Logistics Management, Feb 2011

Members of the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education share their five steps and a series of tips to improve your outsourcing relationship right from the start, in their article “5 Steps to Improving Your 3PL Relationship.“

Take This Job And …

The case of the Jet Blue flight attendant who left his job in spectacular fashion this month after losing it big time in a confrontation with an obnoxious passenger has become the stuff of legend. Steven Slater has become an instant folk hero among his former colleagues and for all those frequent-flyers who must deal […]

Sourcing Innovation Guest Blog, Dec 2009

Looking for a solid performance partnership in your outsourcing relationship? Read Kate Vitasek on Game Changing Rules for Outsourcing, where she discusses the Five Rules companies should follow to take outsourcing to the next level.