Talking Logistics — October 2013

Getting to We: A Conversation with Kate Vitasek and Jeanette Nyden by Talking Logistics Ready to “walk the talk” on creating highly collaborative business relationships? In this episode, Kate Vitasek and Jeanette Nyden discuss the key points from their recently published book, Getting to We, which “flips conventional negotiation on its head and shifts the perspective to […]

What Does Supply Chain Collaboration Really Mean?

Adrian Gonzalez brings up an interesting point about the multifaceted use and misuse of the word collaboration in a recent Logistics Viewpoints blog entry. He says, and I totally agree, that collaboration is arguably one of the most overused words in supply chain management. (Other overused but often unrealized terms include flexibility, agility, visibility, innovation, […]

Jaguar Rolls On with Vested Outsourcing

There’s obvious and growing evidence to support the idea that vesting together and closely sharing your outsourcing destiny results in continuing success. A great example of this occurred in mid-November when Jaguar posted the highest score among all luxury brands in America in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Sales Satisfaction Index study. Jaguar is […]

Try A Little Transportation Collaboration

Earlier this year I wrote about courage, patience, trust and loyalty in logistics, based on a shipper’s gutsy decision on transportation rates. Adrian Gonzalez originally brought this up in an ARC Logistics Viewpoints newsletter/blog post in February. He talked about how a Fortune 500 company could have saved a stack of money in transportation costs by […]

Lawyer or Economist? Pick Your Poison

It may seem counter-intuitive – or even counter-productive! — to invite an economist to negotiate your next 3PL contract, as recommended by Adrian Gonzales in a Logistics Viewpoints blog entry earlier this month. But would you rather have a lawyer do it? Really? Gonzalez does make a point, and in entertaining style, featuring background music […]

Logistics Viewpoints, Feb 2010

Adrian Gonzalez, Director of Logistics Viewpoints, makes the case for software vendors to transform their business models from selling their product to selling supply chain outcomes. In his post titled “Buying Supply Chain Outcomes, Not Software“, Adrian argues the case for software vendors to move to performance based models, such as Vested Outsourcing.