Outsourcing is No Longer “Out There”

Even as outsourcing becomes more and more mainstream confusion remains about its relationship to offshoring says Deloitte, the highly regarded tax, audit and financial consulting firm, in its latest survey on the topic. “The outsourcing market continues to confuse outsourcing with offshoring,” Deloitte says. “Many respondents still see the two processes as inseparable – even […]

Don’t Blame Outsourcing for Lack of Jobs (Part 1)

Outsourcing often takes it on the chin as the reason for job losses and the sorry employment picture in the U.S., even by President Obama. But that formulation, which makes for an easy applause line during a speech, is way too simplistic and mostly wrong. Here’s the situation: A recession—now known as the Great Recession—began […]

“Outsourced” Gets Outsourcing So Wrong It’s Not Even Funny

NBC’s new sitcom “Outsourced” premiered Thursday night. It’s supposed to be a comedy about outsourcing, specifically about a U.S. company that outsources its call center operation to India. The problem is it gets outsourcing so wrong it’s not even funny. During the show’s 22 minutes – minus the eight minutes of advertising from the likes of […]

Outsourcing is NOT Offshoring – it’s Best-shoring AND Doing It Right

It’s unfortunate that mistaken perceptions are often perceived as reality; in a diabolical way the mistake then becomes reality. When people ask what I do and I explain that I teach people how to do their outsourcing better and smarter, invariably they jump into the conversation with their experience about how their company “outsourced”  their […]

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