Is Your Goal Hairy and Audacious?

Do you have a BHAG? Or several? If you or your company don’t have a “big hairy audacious goal” perhaps it is time to find one and get to work on it. Or maybe you simply need to prioritize from that long wish list of corporate goals and recognize one or two as your BHAG. […]

DC Velocity — August, 2012

New book features “Vested” success stories McDonald’s, P&G, and Microsoft are among the companies that have adopted the outcomes-based approach to partnerships. By DC Velocity Staff

Vested Wisdom from a Lawyer

After coming down (mostly) on the side of economists over lawyers for negotiating contracts in my post last week, I thought it would be only fair to mention a notable exception on the lawyer side of the ledger, George Kimball, an author and outsourcing attorney. Kimball is a long-time specialist in outsourcing, whose latest book, […]

Logistics Viewpoints, Feb 2010

Adrian Gonzalez, Director of Logistics Viewpoints, makes the case for software vendors to transform their business models from selling their product to selling supply chain outcomes. In his post titled “Buying Supply Chain Outcomes, Not Software“, Adrian argues the case for software vendors to move to performance based models, such as Vested Outsourcing.

John Nash: Playing Nice is Good for Everyone

Next in my mini-series about the great economic thought leaders who were seminal in the development and success of modern outsourcing is one of my favorites, the mathematician John F. Nash, who took economists a step or two beyond Adam Smith with his ideas on Game Theory and Behavioral Economics. His conclusions are right in […]

Rule# 2 Focus on the What, Not the How

Adopting the Vested business model does not change the nature of the work to be performed. At the operational level, lines of code must be written, bathrooms must be cleaned, orders must be fulfilled, repairs must be completed, calls must be answered, and meals must be cooked. What does change is the way that the outsourcing […]