Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) — 26 June 2019 — Myth-Busting

Procurement Myth-Busting – Putting Misconceptions to Rest Article by Kate Vitasek published 26 June on the SIG website. Many companies are on missions to improve their procurement processes… Here is the link: 

SIG Inside Sourcing Newsletter — March 2017

Rethinking Supplier Metrics: From “Best Practice” to “Best Fit” Article by Kate Vitasek published 9 March in the SIG Inside Sourcing Newsletter. Here’s the link:

SIG Inside Sourcing — Dec. 2016

Performance-based and Vested Sourcing Business Models: Gainsharing in a New Dress? Article by Kate Vitasek published 16 December in SIG’s Inside Sourcing Newsletter. I often get the question, “Is Vested Outsourcing really gainsharing in a new dress?” The answer is no. On the surface, gainsharing, a performance-based agreement, and a Vested sourcing business model all […]

SIG Inside Sourcing Newsletter — July/August 2015

Take Five Giant Steps to Collaborative Relationships Simply getting the deal done and then moving on to the next one is a lot like treading water – you stay afloat but don’t get very far… Article by Kate Vitasek in SIG’s Inside Sourcing Newsletter, published online 30 July 2015. Here’s the link:  

Forbes — May 2015

Driving Integrity: Relational Contracting On The Rise Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on  20 May 2015. Here’s the link:   

SIG Inside Sourcing Newsletter — May 2014

Unpacking Pricing Models: Making You “Get What You Pay For” Reality Article by Kate Vitasek published online 15 May 2014. Here’s the link:   

Getting What You Pay For

Whether you’re at the shopping mall or negotiating a contract, there’s no truer saying than “you get what you pay for.” But even more important are some related questions, like “Do you really know what you are paying for?” and “Do you know why and how you are paying for what you are getting?” That’s […]

SIG Webinar on the Ten Ailments

For those who may have missed the May 22 SIG webinar on the Ten Ailments–or if you want to hear it again!–here’s the playback link. Many thanks to all the folks at SIG who made this this such a success.