Inside Supply Management Weekly — 14 January 2019

Focusing on Shared Vision and Statement of Intent The first of a series of articles on the Vested Five Rules and the 10 Elements by Kate Vitasek published 14 January in Inside Supply Management Weekly. Here is the link:

Change the People – or Change the People!

Often when I teach or talk about Vested and its implementation, I say, “Change the people or change the people.” I say that because Vested, for many people and many organizations, is a mindset change in how they… Click To Tweet For some that have never worked in a highly collaborative, win-win relationship founded on […]

The Psychology of Outsourcing, Part 6: Wayne Dyer and the Power of Intention

Wayne Dyer, widely known for his new-agey and somewhat metaphysical teachings on self-development, is also known as the “father of motivation.” In a very real sense this highly aphoristic spiritual guru and author of more than 30 books has a lot to say about the business and outsourcing mindset. Much of what Dyer says boils […]