Forbes — 20 March 2017 — Supply Chains and Adjusting to Trump

Supply Chains And Adjusting To Trump: Think Local And Global Article by Kate Vitasek published 20 March 2017 in Forbes It’s still early in the Trump presidency, but not too early for supply chain professionals to begin planning for what could be major challenges in global markets and trade agreements, especially if President Donald Trump […]

Forbes — May 2016 — Target SRM

Target, the sixth-largest U.S. retailer by sales, plans to tighten deadlines for deliveries to its warehouses, hike fines for late deliveries, and could institute penalties of up to $10,000 for inaccuracies in product information beginning today – May 30th

Logistics & Supply Chain World — January 2014

Compete: Do your metrics measure up? Article by Mike Ledyard and Joseph Tillman in the January 2014 edition Logistics & Supply Chain World, which is published in India. It begins at page 22; here’s the link to the entire magazine:

Vested Implements Collaboration

I often comment about how outsource and supply chain companies talk the talk about “alignment,” “partnership,” “win-win,” “visibility” and “collaboration,” but often will fail to walk the walk on those terms once priorities or personnel shift, or the going gets tough. The Vested model requires true collaboration as the starting point for achieving all of […]

How Delay Can Be Faster In the Long Run

The disaster unfolding in Japan has me thinking about several things, like how quickly can a major world economy recover and just how resilient can supply chains possibly be in the face of “black swan” events of such unpredictably immense proportions? These are major questions confronting the world’s third largest economy and while the outcome […]

Collaborate for Value

I’ve been thinking about the term “negotiation” quite a lot lately and what it means for outsourcing in general and Vested Outsourcing in particular. For instance, I’ve questioned whether negotiation is really the right word to use when talking about creating a vested relationship. In a recent post I advised that parties shouldn’t negotiate, they […]

Vested Outsourcing Trends Up

I’m often amused by yearly trend lists. For one thing, there’s so many of them in the outsourcing and supply chain sector. With all those trends trending along and multiplying each year, what happens to the previous year’s trends? Or the trends from the year before? Are they no longer trends? Do they go to […]

Vested Outsourcing Gets Mainstream Attention

It’s one thing to get attention and kudos from peers and colleagues for Vested Outsourcing, for which I’m deeply grateful. It’s quite another when the mainstream business press picks up on the vested message! But that’s what has happened this week, with props and coverage coming from The Economist and Forbes Magazine. This week started […]

No Fun in this Dysfunction

We talk a lot about the need for businesses to change me-first, win-at-all-cost mindsets to that of new vested, cooperative relationships that over the long-term result in mutual benefits. In the world of transportation logistics, supply chains and shipper-carrier relationships it’s a long-running story of irrational and often toxic rate and service level relationships. Carriers […]