What Do You Have to Hide?

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Click To Tweet The thought might be a bit uncomfortable around tax time, or if you’re Donald Trump – but it’s also true on a very basic level. If you have nothing to hide, why do you do it? Image: Hiding by Dave Bowen via Flickr CC

A New Year’s Wish

I heard a good quote about transparency the other day to the effect that many businesses still think “transparency” is something you put on the overhead projector and write on with a grease pencil. Ok, I may be dating myself a bit with that one but the point is transparent, er, clear: “transparency” is an […]

Syncsort — September 2014

Interview with Kate Vitasek: the Vested® business model Kate Vitasek interview with Mark Underwood published 10 September 2014 Here’s the link: http://blog.syncsort.com/2014/09/kate-vitasek/

Choose Transparency for the Win-Win

Transparency is another of the oft-used buzzwords that  is more spoken about and wished-for than actually implemented. I’ve always been a fan of Seth Godin, but I was struck by this latest post from Seth Godin that talks about a sort anti-transparency movement which – in my opinion – is not healthy. The first example […]