The 10 Procurement Sins

aop_blue-favicon-player1Philip Ideson, who runs the Art of Procurement website and does a weekly podcast on procurement issues, recently looked back at some old Art of Procurement episodes and came up with a list of the 10 “sins of procurement.”

He notes, “There are a lot more than 10! However, I had to stop somewhere! These are inspired by my own experiences, and the guests that we have had on the show.” (Here’s my podcast with Philip from last July.)

Without further ado, here are his 10 “sins” of procurement:

  • Lack of alignment
  • Price over cost and value
  • Not providing feedback to down selected suppliers
  • Not telling suppliers they are failing until you are past the point of no return
  • Being a policeman, not a facilitator
  • Thinking our job is done when the contract is signed
  • Assessing risk based only on a financial health check
  • Not helping suppliers resolve payment issues
  • Using power dynamics and game theory to get what you want
  • Procurement math

I think perhaps you can see the influence of Vested thinking on many of these points, but give a listen to his show:

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  1. Charlotte M says:

    Kate, Philip has hit the nail on the head with these ‘sins’! It would be good to get this discussion started on Procurious too, I’m intrigued to hear what others thinks.

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