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APQC Webinar with Kate Vitasek — August 2015

SCM Webinar August 2015: Sourcing Business Models The APQC webinar with Kate Vitasek on 27 August 2015 covered her presentation on Sourcing Business Models and the new book, Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy. The book is scheduled for publication on 27 October 2015. “The procurement playing field is no longer one of lowest cost […]

About Kate Vitasek

World’s Authority on How to Create Highly Collaborative Relationships That Drive Innovation Lauded by World Trade Magazine as one of the “Fabulous 50+1” most influential people impacting global commerce, author, educator and business consultant Kate Vitasek is an international authority for her award-winning research and Vested® business model for highly collaborative and strategic relationships. Kate’s […]

WorkPlace Now: Interview with Kate Vitasek – July 2012

Johnson Controls’ WorkPlace Now E-zine: Interview with Kate Vitasek about Vested and the Five Rules.

SupplyChainBrain – Interview with Kate Vitasek – June 2012 WERC Conference

Published on YouTube June 25: Interview with Kate Vitasek – Supply Chain Brain @ 2012 WERC Conference Thanks to Russell Goodman, Editor-In-Chief, SupplyChainBrain

Inside Supply Management Weekly — 14 January 2019

Focusing on Shared Vision and Statement of Intent The first of a series of articles on the Vested Five Rules and the 10 Elements by Kate Vitasek published 14 January in Inside Supply Management Weekly. Here is the link:

ISM Weekly — 26 November 2018

Implementing a Successful Supplier Sourcing Contract Article by Kate Vitasek published  by Inside Supply Management Weekly on 26 November 2018. Some sourcing business deals are simple to negotiate, especially when they are basic transactional deals, such as for office supplies. Other more strategic sourcing contracts might go through difficult and lengthy RFP processes… Here is […]

Forbes — November 2018

Paul Romer: The Path To Economic Growth And Innovation Article by Kate Vitasek published in Forbes on 19 November 2018 Business professionals can learn a valuable lesson about the path to economic growth and innovation from Paul Romer, this year’s Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences (shared with William Nordhaus). Romer views the economy as a “huge innovation […]

Procurement Leaders — October 2018

The art of getting to ‘we’ in negotiations Thought Leaders article by Kate Vitasek published 10 October 2018 in Procurement Leaders Resource Library. There are many books on the art of negotiations and getting to ‘yes’. But few of those address what happens after the parties sign the contract. Have you ever found yourself in […]

Forbes — 30 September 2018

Three Ingredients For Food Startup Success Article by Kate Vitasek published 30 September 2018 in Forbes It’s a recipe for success when a small food startup can blend a great idea with the expertise of a food startup accelerator and the resources of a Fortune 500 company… Here is the link:

Corporate Real Estate Journal — Volume 8 (2018-19)

Comparing the why, what and how of performance-based and Vested Outsourcing models in CRE Article by Kate Vitasek and Michele Flynn in the latest issue of CREJ Volume 8 Number 1 The concepts of Vested outsourcing® (as developed by University of Tennessee researchers) and performance-based contracting have significantly risen in popularity as more and more […]