Innovation: You Don’t Need a Genius

Ok, it sure is nice to have geniuses on hand for your innovation projects and goals, but how often does a genius cross your path? Or work for you?

But what’s cool about innovation is that it can come from anywhere and anyone—

. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saw about thinking outside the box; why not take that notion a step further and


Motivational business speaker and strategic innovation expert Scott Steinberg, talks about how to make innovation simple in this YouTube video:

And in a recent inShare article about the “new rules” of innovation, he writes, “When we talk about innovation, we’re just discussing creative and resourceful approaches to productivity or problem solving – the same sort of approaches we’re all being forced to take to adapt to a fast-moving business world on a daily basis.”

Innovation isn’t always about cutting-edge breakthroughs or game-changing technologies. As Steimberg says, “Simple shifts in business strategy or outlook can be every bit as powerful as new technology and groundbreaking discoveries.”

What Steinberg has discovered is that “innovation is simply a matter of perspective,” and a process of constant reinvention. For example, at the personal finance software maker Intuit, “company leaders say their only role now is to ‘remove the speed bumps in experimenters’ way.’ Executives have made it possible for workers to quickly and cost-effectively propose ideas via online collaboration and sharing tools, secure resources for these projects, and quickly run prototypes and pilot programs in real-world environments. Dozens of revenue-generating products and features have resulted.”

Another great case is P&G’s innovative environment for facilities management, which garnered the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals GEO Award for excellence in outsourcing in 2014.

What this means is that, as Steinberg says, innovation is “far more straightforward and easy to achieve than you might suspect – in fact, odds are greater than not that you’re innovating consistently already.”


; and a matter of perspective.

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