Outsource Magazine — March 2018 — Richard Thaler

Richard Thaler: Writing Contracts for Humans Article by Kate Vitasek published by Outsource Magazine on 15 March 2018. Nobel laureate Richard Thaler understands the “human” side of economics. He’s a founding member of behavioral economics and most recently won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics Sciences… Here’s the link: http://outsourcemag.com/richard-thaler-writing-contracts-for-humans

Richard Thaler Awarded Nobel Prize for His Contributions to Behavioral Economics

Thaler’s work provides a more realistic understanding of human behavior in economic theory.

Psychology of Outsourcing, Part 8: Thomas D. Gilovich, Decisions and Behavioral Economics

Many of the mistakes we make when outsourcing stem from a failure to recognize and account for the psychology that surrounds decision-making. Then businesses compound the problem by using poor judgment when reacting to the results of those decisions. Psychologist Thomas D. Gilovich (born 1954) is a professor of psychology at Cornell University who has researched […]