Taking Stock of Getting to We

Earlier this month I had the opportunity and great privilege to chat briefly with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Radio’s Taking Stock program about the publication of our latest Vested book, Getting to We. To say that I’m enthusiastic about this book and its paradigm-shifting approach to the process of negotiating agreements is a distinct understatement. […]

Contracts: Going for the Long-term

Most contracts are fairly short-term and the general consensus, according to Tim Cummins, president and CEO of IACCM, is that their average duration is about four years. Tim, an expert and prolific writer on contracting issues, adds further that existing contracts are renewed or restructured at a rate of about 48 percent. There is some […]

Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock” — Sept. 19, 2012

Kate Vitasek Discusses `System First Thinking’ (Audio) Sept 20, 2012 Kate Vitasek, co-author of “Vested,” discusses creating winning relationships in business. Vitasek talks with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox and Courtney Donohoe on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock.” Download