Don’t Buy It If It Doesn’t Fit

A recent blog from marketing guru Seth Godin talks about that beautiful pair of shoes—and on sale at a great price!—only there’s one catch: they are one size too small. There’s a decision to be made: should you opt for the good looking bargain and go with sore feet until maybe the shoes stretch out? […]

Company Culture Really Matters

We often think companies can work around cultural differences with their partners—or prospective partners—in part because they may be overconfident, or in love with everything else about the deal they are negotiating. But that’s almost always a short-sighted mistake, as outlined in a recent article in SupplyChain247, by John D. Hanson and Steven A. Melnyk, […]

Assessing Trust and Compatibility in a Business Relationship

Accurately assessing trust and compatibility is not easy. It’s often one-sided: a buying company will evaluate a supplier’s trustworthiness without understanding the supplier’s perceptions of its own trustworthiness. That’s why professors Gerald Ledlow and Karl Manrodt developed the Compatibility and Trust AssessmentTM (CaT) to measure the strength of a business relationship across five dimensions, with […]

Getting to We: It’s All About Trust, Transparency and Compatibility

Getting to We is a book about negotiating. It is not, however, a typical negotiation book when compared to the hundreds of other negotiation books out there. It’s a book that opens the way to developing a new mindset and process for negotiating business relationships where the success of the relationship matters most. And that […]

Onboarding Compatibility and Trust

I recently read an article by George Bradt in Forbes about how “only three true job interview questions” matter. The three questions he cites are: Can you do the job? Will you love the job? Can we tolerate working with you? I think these questions are also highly pertinent when picking a supplier or service provider. Simply […]