Outsource Magazine — July 2015

Stewart Macaulay: pioneer for relational contracting Column by Kate Vitasek published in Outsource 14 July 2015 Stewart Macaulay – Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Wisconsin Law School – occupies a unique place in the evolution, awareness and acceptance of relational contracting. In fact one might safely argue that he helped set relational contract theory […]

Standing on the Shoulders…

Previously I posted on Stephen Johnson’s work about how innovations that are built on slow hunches, serendipity and having an attitude that embraces sliding doors that open new pathways is conducive to driving innovation. These posts brought to mind the evolution of the Vested business model itself and how it relates to a powerful quote […]

Balancing the Outsource Contract Scales

The old adage that the more things change the more they stay the same probably should be revised when it comes to contract terms: the more things stay the same the worse they get. Tim Cummins, CEO of the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), expressed that thought in a recent Commitment Matters […]