Forbes — May 2017 — I-85 Bridge

Georgia’s I-85 And The Value Of Performance Incentives Column by Kate Vitasek published In Forbes on 12 May 2017. Here’s the link:  

Forbes — 30 June 2016

Big Business Can Take A Lesson From Child Psychology Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on 30 June 2016 One-sided power-based business relationships could take a lesson from child psychology and behavioral studies that are based on the power of positive, incentive-based approaches to foster collaboration and win-win results… Here’s the link:  

Incentives: Use Outcomes to Determine the Framework

Ever wonder why parachutes never fail or why there aren’t any incompetent fugo (pufferfish) sushi chefs? Oliver Payne, writing in the UK’s The Hunting Dynasty, a behavioral insight and communication agency, has one word for this—incentives. Of course further explanation is necessary. On parachutes and a 100 percent success rate, Payne—the author of Inspiring Sustainable […]

I-5 Skagit Bridge Rebuild an Opportunity to Apply Vested Principles

When I heard about the I-5 bridge collapse on the Skagit River in Mount Vernon, WA I thought about a lot of things—injuries, safety, infrastructure.  But with everyone safe, I turned my attention to how Gov. Jay Inslee and the Washington State Department of Transportation now have a real opportunity to show effective leadership by using […]

Spacing Out on Risk, Innovation and Desired Outcomes, Part 1

A risk-averse mindset would never have landed us on the Moon during the heady days that followed John F. Kennedy’s directive in 1962 for the U.S. to “go to the Moon” by the end of that decade. I love to use story of how powerful Kennedy’s words were when I teach students and executives about […]

Incentives the Wright Way

In my Vested books and speaking engagements I frequently cite the Wright brothers’ first contract as a great and early example of a win-win, outcome-based incentive plan. The challenge with any outcome-based plan is to understand the business at hand, align the parties’ interests and then clearly define and measure the results. The Wright brothers’ […]

Wells Fargo and Vested Ideas

Six leading outsourcing advisers have some interesting things to say about the current state of outsourcing, a good portion of them right in the Vested wheelhouse. Wells Fargo Securities recently issued its forecast for the outsourcing industry based on a conference call with outsourcing analysts at Alsbridge, Deloitte, Everest, HfS Research, KPMG and PwC. The […]

Vesting Will Keep You Out of Jail!

I think  Manuel “Matty” Moroun, the billionaire owner of Detroit’s Ambassador Bridge, might be wishing that he used the Vested approach for his Detroit bridge as he was sentenced to jail time for missing deadlines on a construction project. The Moroun case involves a dispute between Michigan’s Department of Transportation and the Detroit International Bridge […]

Price or Value? Go Beyond the Quick Price Reduction Fix

Adjusting to the Vested Outsourcing business model requires a major change in thinking and approach to total costs, pricing and value in the outsource relationship. Moving away from the conventional and quick-fix focus on price to a shared value and collaborative mind-set that might even involve leaving money on the table is a difficult concept […]

Vesting and Investing in Shared Capitalism

When is executive compensation enough? When do executive salaries and bonuses actually hurt the best of interests of a company? Given the history of compensation over the several decades, the answer from the executive suite would of course be “Never!” But another view is emerging, as highlighted by Vivek Wadhwa in a viewpoint column last […]