Forbes — 29 September 2015

Leave Money On The Table When Negotiating Strategic Deals Article by Kate Vitasek published in Forbes on 29 September 2015. Business professionals around the world swear by a common strategy: never leave money on the table. Leaving money on the table is seen as a sign of weakness. If you leave money on the table, the […]

Standing on the Shoulders…

Previously I posted on Stephen Johnson’s work about how innovations that are built on slow hunches, serendipity and having an attitude that embraces sliding doors that open new pathways is conducive to driving innovation. These posts brought to mind the evolution of the Vested business model itself and how it relates to a powerful quote […]

Outsource Magazine — July 2014

Avery W. Katz: Dealing with the Incomplete Contract Kate Vitasek’s monthly column/blog for Outsource Magazine. Published 4 July 2014. Avery W. Katz, professor of law at Columbia Law School, tackles the conundrum of “incomplete contracts.” The challenge? How can organisations fashion a contract that is both economically flexible enough for a business relationship to move […]

Outsource Magazine — May 2014

Villena, Revilla, Choi: Breaking down the “bright” and “dark” side of buyer-seller relationships Outsource Magazine column by Kate Vitasek published online on 7 May 2014. If you’ve been in the outsource industry for more than five minutes you probably know that buyer-seller relationships are, well, complicated. And just when you think you have the collaboration […]

Coase: Are Economists Becoming Irrelevant?

Followers of this blog and the “economics of outsourcing” series know how much I admire Ronald Coase and the contributions he has made to economic thought regarding transaction costs, total costs, getting the math right and the emergence of modern outsource contracting. His groundbreaking work, stretching back to the 1930s, shed light on a new […]

Two Years On: Happy Birthday Vested!

Throughout the evolution of our initial research that started in 2004, leading experts and innovators have contributed to the development of Vested principles and the Vested business model for adoption in nearly every industry and business function. We’ve come to create somewhat of a “movement” as the idea expands. As we conducted our research, it […]

Vested Outsourcing and Defining Governance

Vested Outsourcing’s Rule No. 5 says the governance structure of a Vested agreement or partnership should provide continuing insight, not merely oversight. Obviously it’s really important to have the right governance framework in place to enable the needed insight and to implement the other four rules of Vested Outsourcing. It’s how to achieve an effective, […]

Getting to We Follows Getting to Yes

Many of you probably remember the bestselling book Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury, and its influential take on negotiation and cooperation. I’m thinking about this book today in a couple of respects. First,  it was published about 20 years ago at about the same time that modern outsourcing began to […]

CIO, June 2010

Stephanie Overby, of CIO Magazine,  details 7 practical tips outsourcing researchers have gathered for more productive, profitable, and peaceful outsourcing relationships between customers and services providers from the work of economist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Oliver Williamson.

Vesting Is More Than Contract Management

The recent International Association of Contracting and Commercial Management report on  contract terms has got me thinking of the terminology we use to describe how an outsourcing contract should operate over time. As we move to the Vested Outsourcing world of cooperative, mutually-beneficial, performance- and outcomes-based contracts based on the transforming power of the Five […]