Outsource Magazine — April 2018

Lacity and Willcocks: The Dynamic Duo of Dynamic Outsourcing Practice Column by Kate Vitasek published 27 April 2018 by Outsource Magazine Here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/ycp4baqb

Forbes — 14 February 2018

How often do we come to the negotiating table or the procurement process with the idea of treating each other as equals during a negotiation?

Christmas Stocking-Stuffers 2017

Here are some items I hope Santa will seriously consider leaving for outsourcing, procurement and supply chain professionals: Collaboration: Of course, I start with this! We’ll need collaboration with our partners, friends and even frenemies now more than ever to… Click To Tweet Trust: Yes, it’s hard to know who to trust, who is honest […]

The Rise of the Dinobots

For now, the human element is an essential part of negotiating collaborative and shared-value contract relationships.

Forbes — November 2016 — Relational contracting

Relational Contracting On The Rise With The Success Of The Australian Navy Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on 30 November 2016. Relational contracting is back in fashion, marked recently by the Australian Navy’s innovative approach for incorporating a relational contract that led to their winning the International Association of Contracting and Commercial Management […]

The Power of Ts and Cs – Squared

At the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) conference last week a speaker mentioned that the contracting community needs to rethink standard contract Terms and Conditions—or Ts and Cs. He challenged the group think about “squaring” them to include Trust and Collaboration, as in T2 and C2. Why? Because contracting remains stuck in the […]

Relational Contracting: Overcoming the Paradox

It’s not too late to escape the contracting paradox! Click To Tweet Wait! What is that you ask? The latest white paper from the University of Tennessee, the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) and Lindahl Law Firm explains why relational contracting is necessary to get past this paradox. What exactly is the […]

3PL Americas — Spring 2016

Five Steps for a Collaborative 3PL Relationship Article by Kate Vitasek in the Spring 2016 edition of 3PL Americas Magazine. ACHIEVING A COLLABORATIVE 3PL/supplier relationship is more than a “feel-good,” “nice-to-have” buzzword that people use when talking about the supply chain; it is a necessity… Here’s the link (note the article begins on page 43): http://bit.ly/1SPfmm3

Outsource Magazine — July 2015

Stewart Macaulay: pioneer for relational contracting Column by Kate Vitasek published in Outsource 14 July 2015 Stewart Macaulay – Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Wisconsin Law School – occupies a unique place in the evolution, awareness and acceptance of relational contracting. In fact one might safely argue that he helped set relational contract theory […]

Forbes — May 2015

Driving Integrity: Relational Contracting On The Rise Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on  20 May 2015. Here’s the link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/katevitasek/2015/05/20/driving-integrity-relational-contracting-on-the-rise/