Don’t be a Stick or a Paper Tiger

KPJR Films has a fabulous documentary called  “Paper Tigers.”  It’s about how a high school decided to approach troubled youths – who are acting out because of trauma and toxic stress levels – with love and respect rather than punishment.

The documentary is supported by research from clinical physician Dr. Vincent Felitti and CDC epidemiologist Robert Anda; they also published Adverse Childhood Experiences Study. The study revealed that the more traumatic experiences the responpaper-tiger_no-mater-projectdents had as children (such as physical and emotional abuse and neglect), the more likely they were to develop health problems later in life—problems such as cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. To complicate matters, there was also a correlation between adverse childhood experiences and the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse, unprotected sex, and poor diet. The results of the study painted a staggering portrait of the price children pay for growing up in unsafe environments.

The documentary and research contain a seed of hope: all of the mentioned risk factors—behavioral as well as physiological—can be offset by the presence of one dependable and caring adult.

So how does this relate to the business world? start acting like caring adults and treat your business partners as adults in a safe, non-punitive fashion. This is what happens under the Vested business model’s win-win approach to relationships.

Business relationships based on an outdated ‘win-lose’ mentality won’t withstand a market that demands constant change and adaptation. By focusing on ‘win-win’ relationships companies can drive innovation and increase their competitive edge, with their suppliers.

Image: Paper Tiger by ‘No Matter’ Project via Flickr CC

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