Happy Thanksgiving!

a-blessed-thanksgiving-to-all_johnOn this Thanksgiving I’m thinking about the Vested movement and thanking all those who have brought us here in only seven-plus years, which have flown by breathtakingly fast! It all started with one slim book based on solid research and a great idea—now we are up to six books and counting.

Movements are not necessarily easy to foster or even recognize. In my talks and classes I describe Vested as a business model, methodology and movement that enables true win-win partnerships in which the parties are committed to creating and sharing value together. That’s what a movement does – it builds upon itself and achieves increasing momentum as the value of the idea, and its real-world success, becomes more apparent each day.

Vested is gaining momentum and the future looks bright.

A movement also takes a leap of faith—actually many leaps! —to become real and lasting. Perhaps thinking of Vested as a movement is not top of mind. But for those in the trenches every day trying to change the way their organizations approach strategic business relationships, they are spreading the Vested example and helping to establish and solidify Vested as a real movement.

So, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has joined the Vested movement and spent many hours on Vested when others thought we were maybe a little “out there” or a flash in the pan. We are here to stay with a fabulous and growing team of international Centers of Excellence and Certified Deal Architects. Thank you all!

It’s truly amazing how far we have come.

Today there is a lot to be thankful for – Happy Thanksgiving!

Image: A Blessed Thanksgiving To All by John via Flickr CC

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