Master Services Agreement? Or Master-Slave Agreement?

Master Services Agreements: love ‘em? hate ‘em? The intent of an MSA is a good thing as it helps foster a more strategic relationship by typically creating a contracting vehicle where additional work can be flexibly added. In short, it sets out the legal “rules” of the relationship. However (and unfortunately) all too often the road […]

What do the 2016 Nobel Prize winners in economics teach us about Vested and alternative Sourcing Business Models? – Pt. 2

This post was written by David Frydlinger, Kate Vitasek and Henrik Järleskog.   When Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström won the Nobel prize in economics last week, many Vested followers reached out asking the question, “How does their research align with the What’s in it for We (WIIFWe) mindset and approaches of the Vested sourcing […]

What do the 2016 Nobel Prize winners in economics teach us about Vested and alternative Sourcing Business Models? – Pt 1

This post was written by David Frydlinger, Kate Vitasek and Henrik Järleskog.   On October 10th we learned that the 2016 Nobel Prize in economic science was awarded to professors Bengt Holmström (MIT) and Oliver Hart (Harvard) for their work in contract theory. This Nobel Prize is of great practical importance in daily business. For […]

Outsource Magazine — July 2016

Europe is in turmoil after Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. Those who now claim to know what will happen now – in outsourcing or in other area – will make two big mistakes: First, they will show that they don’t understand what Brexit is. Brexit is, to use the words of author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a “black swan”: an unexpected event with largely unforeseeable consequences, just like 9/11 or the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filing. Second, they will simply be wrong.

Talk About the Money Later

Guest blog by David Frydlinger The following post was written by my friend, colleague and Vested CDA David Frydlinger. David is Partner with Lindahl law firm in Sweden and is a co-author of our Getting to We book as well as author of a Vested book in Swedish. I have spent—if you ask my wife – […]

Coor Service Management — May 2015

“WHAT’S IN IT FOR WE” Article by David Frydlinger published by Coor Service Management on 14 May 2015. Future competitiveness is created through effective collaborations between customer and supplier. Strategic partnerships is gaining an increased significance and old business models will be replaced. The Vested-model is already used successfully in large outsourcing contracts… Here’s the […]

Outsource Magazine — July 2014

Some Questions and Answers about Relational Contracting Article by David Frydlinger in Outsource Magazine, published online 15 July 2014. For quite some time now, there has been much talk about the need for a more collaborative approach in outsourcing. In this context, the concept of relational or collaborative contracting often appears… Here’s the link:   […]

Paying for Performance in the Legal Profession

About one year ago I wrote about a common problem in the legal profession—overbilling—as a prime example of the Activity Trap. It was a frightening example of “billable hours” gone bad and becoming a perverse incentive at a major law firm. So I was really pleased to read an article in the ABA Journal about […]

Leadership Excellence – Sales and Service Excellence – November, 2013

Getting to We: Negotiating agreements Article in the October 2013 edition of Leadership Excellence – Sales and Service Excellence, by Jeanette Nyden, Kate Vitasek and David Frydlinger. The article is at pages 6 and 7 of the magazine. Here is the link:  

Outsource Magazine — October 2013

Getting to We: Time for a New Negotiating Paradigm Column/blog by Kate Vitasek, Jeanette Nyden and David Frydlinger  If your recent experiences with new or renewal contract negotiations are something akin to visiting the dentist for a root canal, we’d like to introduce you to a much better – and pain-free! – way to go […]