Forbes — February 2017 — Comic Contracts

Comic Contracts: A Novel Approach To Contract Clarity And Accessibility Column by Kate Vitasek published 14 February on Beware the fine print is the oft-repeated expression heard in almost any deal or contract negotiation. It’s good advice that too often is ignored in daily life and job situations—especially among those segments of the population […]

The Power of Ts and Cs – Squared

At the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) conference last week a speaker mentioned that the contracting community needs to rethink standard contract Terms and Conditions—or Ts and Cs. He challenged the group think about “squaring” them to include Trust and Collaboration, as in T2 and C2. Why? Because contracting remains stuck in the […]

Relational Contracting: Overcoming the Paradox

It’s not too late to escape the contracting paradox! Click To Tweet Wait! What is that you ask? The latest white paper from the University of Tennessee, the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) and Lindahl Law Firm explains why relational contracting is necessary to get past this paradox. What exactly is the […]

Forbes – 12 November 2015

Contract Terms Remain Stuck On Old-School Negotiating Tactics Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on 12 November 2015. Add to the list of things that never seem to change are the go-to terms that contract negotiators always put first… Here’s the link:  

Forbes — May 2015

Driving Integrity: Relational Contracting On The Rise Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on  20 May 2015. Here’s the link:   

IACCM-Contracting Excellence — March 2015

Your sourcing model can make or break the deal This article by Kate Vitasek appeared in IACCM’s Contracting Excellence magazine on 31 Mar 2015 Whether a company is looking to outsource a non-core function across the street or across an ocean, choosing the right sourcing model is crucial: it will make or break the deal. […]

Virginia’s Forum 2014: Challenging Procurement Norms

I was pleased and honored to participate earlier this week at Forum 2014, Virginia’s Department of General Services’ big event for state and local procurement professionals and supplier partners. Indeed it is a very large event, taking place at the Hampton Roads Convention Center over four days, featuring more than 80 sessions, anchored by more than […]

IACCM’s Contracting Excellence — July 2014

Risk management – let’s share the risk, not dump it! Article by Kate Vitasek in IACCM’s Contracting Excellence Magazine, published 24 July 2014 Risk management by definition is ambiguous and unpredictable, but it doesn’t have to be. Picture a highly collaborative approach. It shares the risk instead of pushing it to the other guy and […]

Outsource Magazine — July 2014

Avoid Buyer and Seller Remorse: Get What You Pay For Article by Kate Vitasek published 17 July 2014 online and in the magazine’s Summer 2014 digital edition.  At some point a buyer and supplier will talk about pricing, maybe not right away – but it’s always the elephant in the room. Pricing is also potentially […]

Needed: A “Getting to We” Negotiations Philosophy

If you are familiar with the Vested business model, you are probably aware of what we in the Vested universe actively promote as a What’s In It For We (WIIFWe) approach for developing and negotiating outsourcing contracts. A long time friend and expert in negotiations skills training – Jeanette Nyden – joined our UT faculty […]