Change the People – or Change the People!

Often when I teach or talk about Vested and its implementation, I say, “Change the people or change the people.” I say that because Vested, for many people and many organizations, is a mindset change in how they… Click To Tweet For some that have never worked in a highly collaborative, win-win relationship founded on […]

100 Years and the Guns of August

This month marks the 100-year anniversary of the start of the World War I – a military, political and human disaster of epic proportions that defined the twentieth century. A recent Wall Street Journalcolumn “The War that Broke a Century,”  focused on the leadership (or really the lack of leadership) aspect of WWI. For those […]

Maxwell’s Law of Navigation: Be Prepared, Share the Vision

John C. Maxwell’s 2007 book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You, stresses the importance of navigation (Law #4) as part of a leader’s arsenal. Why navigation, you ask? It’s not really about blindly “following the leader” as much as it is about the leader charting the proper course for his […]

Outsource Magazine — December 2013

Leaping to greatness December 18, 2013 column/blog by Kate Vitasek on the Outsource Magazine website. Stanford University academic, teacher and business consultant Jim Collins famously addressed the concept of making the leap to greatness in a huge bestseller, Good to Great, which I admired then and now because his solid research produced a counter-intuitive riff on the qualities […]

Don’t Outsource the Leadership

A key thing to understand about any outsourcing endeavor is that once the decision is made to outsource the work, the work definitely is not done. In fact the real work at each end of the outsourcing equation is just beginning, particularly in a Vested Outsourcing relationship. Establishing a proper, flexible governance framework, setting systems […]