Taking Stock of Getting to We

GTW_image002Earlier this month I had the opportunity and great privilege to chat briefly with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Radio’s Taking Stock program about the publication of our latest Vested book, Getting to We.

To say that I’m enthusiastic about this book and its paradigm-shifting approach to the process of negotiating agreements is a distinct understatement.

As I told Pimm during the six-minute segment, Getting to We changes the focus far beyond simply getting the deal done, making the sale or inking the agreement, and then moving on to the next assignment.

I also said the deal is just the beginning, and we need to focus on laying the foundation for a long-term relationship and negotiate the true essence of what we want to achieve, and not just the deal-specific points.

During the interview I used the example of the orange, which figures prominently in the book: Why divide the orange when you can plant an orange tree with your partner by working in a highly collaborative environment that’s grounded in trust and six essential relationship principles: reciprocity, autonomy, honesty, equity, loyalty and integrity?

Getting to We, by Jeanette Nyden, David Frydlinger and myself, stresses that it’s not just about a particular deal and closing it. The idea is to change the lens by taking a strategic view of the deal, turning it into a relationship and by changing the nature of how people are rewarded.

And, without any prompting on my part, Pimm noted that Getting to We is already an Amazon.com top ten editor’s choice for business and leadership this month.

We are very proud of that—I would also say that this is a book with a vibrant and timely message that promises to have a long, game-changing run!

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