ISS World Service Futures — June 2015

Why Vested Outsourcing is the next big thing Post on ISS World’s Service Futures site, published 10 June 2015. Here’s the link:    

10 Ailments Series – Introduction

Is your business relationship ailing – or worse on its deathbed? Several of us on the Vested faculty were practitioners before joining the academic community, and we know that sinking feeling of having worked so hard to find the perfect partner only to see frustration kick-in is as that “partner” seems to forget all about leveraging […]

Never Too Late to Learn!

I came across an interesting post from Lance Stewart, supply chain manager for Genera Energy. Lance wrote, “I firmly believe that staying current in any profession requires constant education so I have been attending several of the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Management courses to keep on the forefront of our global economy’s rapidly evolving supply chain.” He shared […]

Beware Strategic Drift—it’s Ailment No. 12

Even the seemingly most well-crafted contracts and business relationships can suffer from a common but dangerous ailment that I call Strategic Drift. Strategic drift occurs when buyers and suppliers don’t work to maintain their relationship, or put in the work needed to keep abreast and update their strategic priorities as business happens. I’ve witnessed Strategic […]

Syncsort — September 2014

Interview with Kate Vitasek: the Vested® business model Kate Vitasek interview with Mark Underwood published 10 September 2014 Here’s the link:

Standing on the Shoulders…

Previously I posted on Stephen Johnson’s work about how innovations that are built on slow hunches, serendipity and having an attitude that embraces sliding doors that open new pathways is conducive to driving innovation. These posts brought to mind the evolution of the Vested business model itself and how it relates to a powerful quote […]

SSON — July 2014

Are You Embedding Perverse Incentives in Your Outsourcing Agreement? Article by Kate Vitasek posted on SSON 7 July 2014 Incentives are usually considered a good thing, right? They encourage engagement, investment, and innovation. Then why has the topic of “perverse incentives” gotten so much traction? For one thing, the economist Steven D. Levitt (and Stephen J. […]

Avoid the Good Idea Graveyard

The Good Idea Graveyard is that sad place where all those good ideas go that somehow seem to get lost in the shuffle, not prioritized, or were never really understood in the first place. Dr. Marla Gottschalk, an industrial/organizational psychologist, in a recent LinkedIn article Where Did Those Great Ideas Go?, reminded me of my […]

Driving Change in a Procurement Organization

In my last blog, I noted that change is never easy. Attempting to drive change in a procurement organization is no different. Mickey North Rizza, VP of Strategic Services at BravoSolution, recently outlined the challenges in a Procurement Leaders blog post, “Five Reasons Why Procurement Transformation Fails.” “Procurement processes have stayed the same for years […]

Open Innovation and Knowing Too Much

There’s a somewhat perverse side to innovation that Andy Zynga has touched upon in a Harvard Business Review blog post. Zynga, CEO of NineSigma International, put it this way: “It is a profound irony that the more you know about a particular industry, and the more experience you gain in it, the more difficult it […]