Innovation: It’s Not Just “More” or “Faster”

There are many paths to innovation. But far too many think it’s about just doing “more” of something. Or doing something “faster.” KLM understands the spirit of innovation is in thinking differently rather than trying to just improve an existing process or product. This YouTube video shows how the customer service team is innovating when it comes […]

An Oldie but Goodie: The Service Contract Manifesto


I ran across this great blog declaring the need for a Service Contract Manifesto.  It’s a bit old (2008) but very good. The manifesto is a “declaration of customer-contractor interdependence.” In simple words it lays out some highly Vested conclusions: that “both sides want more,” and that both the buyer and the service provider “recognize the need for […]

Negotiation Wisdom from JFK

JFK--Photo by Cecil Stoughton_Robert Huffstutter

In a recent LinkedIn post Kees Van Der Vleuten, Director, KC MT Services, talks about the need to understand and use “expectation management” while embracing collaboration in the value chain. His well-said point is that by fully embracing collaboration—and measuring and monitoring the results of collaboration—“it is possible to achieve greater and more sustainable results […]

Avoid the Risk-Shift Game


Among the tried and true contract negotiation strategies, shifting risk is probably among the most ubiquitous and actively used—and best-rewarded when successfully accomplished. Risk shifting is one of the most annoying and short-sighted power ploys Click To Tweet , mainly because it typically happens after you have a “deal.” Have you ever heard this: “Great! I’ll take it. How about […]

Drop that Grudge


There’s nothing positive about holding a grudge, especially in the business world because grudges produce negative feelings and results. Seth Godin, in a recent post, rightly put it this way: the problem with holding a grudge is “your hands are then too full to hold onto anything else.” Click To Tweet Whatever is causing the […]

In This Case the Mask is Way Better

Blackhawks_Cheryl Adams

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks and their thrilling Stanley Cup victory last week, their third in six years. It made me think of a great story that Robert Martichenko, CEO of LeanCor, told me recently about hockey masks and the history and evolution of the goalie mask. Not so long ago it was considered a […]

Incentives: Use Outcomes to Determine the Framework

Ever wonder why parachutes never fail or why there aren’t any incompetent fugo (pufferfish) sushi chefs? Oliver Payne, writing in the UK’s The Hunting Dynasty, a behavioral insight and communication agency, has one word for this—incentives. Of course further explanation is necessary. On parachutes and a 100 percent success rate, Payne—the author of Inspiring Sustainable […]