For Innovation: Ask the Person

Innovation chalkboard_Missy Schmidt

Innovation doesn’t have to be a mystery featuring secret words, cryptic corporate alchemy and magical thinking. It can be as simple as ATP: ‘ask the person’ doing the work. Communication is vital in every aspect of our personal and business lives, for collaboration, alignment and creating value—so why not when it comes to innovation? A […]

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It


I’d like to take a moment to celebrate the wit, and wisdom, of baseball great and cultural icon Yogi Berra, who died on Tuesday at the age of 90. Berra had a unique perspective on life that some might think of as just a list of rambling, funny malapropisms. There was an element of the […]

It’s Feedback and Measurement

got feedback_alan levine

Feedback is always necessary no matter the project or situation, but there’s an important and often overlooked next step: what happens after the feedback? This point is brought home in a recent Harvard Business Review article, “Feedback Without Measurement Won’t Do Any Good,” in which MIT Research Fellow and author Michael Schrage writes: “People understandably invest significant time and […]

Innovation: It’s Not Just “More” or “Faster”

There are many paths to innovation. But far too many think it’s about just doing “more” of something. Or doing something “faster.” KLM understands the spirit of innovation is in thinking differently rather than trying to just improve an existing process or product. This YouTube video shows how the customer service team is innovating when it comes […]

An Oldie but Goodie: The Service Contract Manifesto


I ran across this great blog declaring the need for a Service Contract Manifesto.  It’s a bit old (2008) but very good. The manifesto is a “declaration of customer-contractor interdependence.” In simple words it lays out some highly Vested conclusions: that “both sides want more,” and that both the buyer and the service provider “recognize the need for […]

Negotiation Wisdom from JFK

JFK--Photo by Cecil Stoughton_Robert Huffstutter

In a recent LinkedIn post Kees Van Der Vleuten, Director, KC MT Services, talks about the need to understand and use “expectation management” while embracing collaboration in the value chain. His well-said point is that by fully embracing collaboration—and measuring and monitoring the results of collaboration—“it is possible to achieve greater and more sustainable results […]

Avoid the Risk-Shift Game


Among the tried and true contract negotiation strategies, shifting risk is probably among the most ubiquitous and actively used—and best-rewarded when successfully accomplished. Risk shifting is one of the most annoying and short-sighted power ploys Click To Tweet , mainly because it typically happens after you have a “deal.” Have you ever heard this: “Great! I’ll take it. How about […]