Halloween and Scary Arts of Negotiation, Collaboration and Innovation


It’s that time of year again. Last year on this date I wrote about Halloween and the scary art of negotiation and how All Hallow’s Eve has some interesting—and often scary correlations to the way we negotiate. Unfortunately the points I made then still apply, although I like to think things are getting better, especially […]

PPV (Purchase Price Variance) is a Stupid Metric


Purchase Price Variance (PPV) is a procurement metric that’s designed to measure a procurement organization’s (or an individual procurement professional’s) effectiveness at meeting cost savings targets. The thinking about PPV is simple. If you spend $1.10 on a widget, then try to get the exact same widget next year for $1.00. The better the price […]

Redefining Partnership

peter senge_shared vision

When you hear the word “partnership,” what does it really mean to you? And what does it mean for your business partner? All too often I find individuals and organizations are not on the same page with a foundational definition of what they mean when they toss out this term. And this causes mistrust and […]

10 Ailments Series – Introduction

Is your business relationship ailing – or worse on its deathbed? Several of us on the Vested faculty were practitioners before joining the academic community, and we know that sinking feeling of having worked so hard to find the perfect partner only to see frustration kick-in is as that “partner” seems to forget all about leveraging […]

What Prevents Radical Collaboration?


I recently keynoted at the The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) global conference, which brings together the world’s heavy hitting thought leaders and businesses that help make speedy global commerce a reality. The theme of the conference was “Breaking Barriers. Creating Opportunities.” I was asked to keynote this important event because the air cargo industry […]

Count the Sunny Days

sunny days_lion towers

In a previous post I talked about how you can’t drive forward by always looking into the rear view mirror. However, I also want to stress that there are times that you need to look back and celebrate how far you’ve come, or question what is not working. In this Forbes post, Steve Denning reminds us why it is […]

You Can’t Drive Your Car with Your Rear View Mirror

Rear View_Chris Garaffa

While safe driving tips usually say you should check your mirrors frequently, there’s a good reason why the rear-view mirror covers only three percent of the size of your windshield: if it is too large it’s a distraction that obscures the view ahead. If this is such good advice why do so many companies spend […]